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Arena of Man Podcast Episode 16: Feed the Wolf, Be the Iron with Mike Yarbrough

There are many positive influences that led to the creation of Arena of Man. Mike Yarbrough, founder of Wolf and Iron ( is certainly one of the biggest. In this conversation, I sit down with Mike to discuss the story of Wolf and Iron, and what motivates him to help men be men. This broad conversation offers a ton for men looking to be their best in every arena of life.

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Arena of Man Podcast Episode 13: What can I do? Developing a Strategy for Self-Improvement.

The mission of Arena of Man is to encourage and equip you to become your best in every arena of life. But the question that every man must answer is, "What can I do?" In this episode, Andy shares his thoughts and strategy for self-improvement to help you step into the arena of becoming your very best.

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Arena of Man Podcast Episode 2: John Zeller Professional Baseball Chaplain

In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with professional baseball chaplain, John Zeller, to discuss the importance of leadership in the life of a man, the role of mentorship in our pursuit, and how to develop a proper perspective when we face adversity. We also share stories of life with the Yankees.

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