Arena of Man Podcast Episode 11: Burn the Ships with Groove Life Founder, Peter Goodwin

Groove Life Founder and CEO, Peter Goodwin

Groove Life Founder and CEO, Peter Goodwin

Peter Goodwin is a bush pilot, a one-time Alaskan adventure and Kodiak bear hunting guide, and now is the founder and CEO of Groove Life. Groove Life is one of the fastest growing adventure companies in the world and is most famous for their silicone rings. Since beginning three years ago, Groove Life has grown to an eight-figure company with over 100 employees. As incredible as this story is, Peter’s story is about more than his company.

In this episode, Peter shares the story of Groove Life and how we as men are hard-wired for adventure. He shares how his faith in Jesus compels him to “burn the ships” and press on toward all that God is calling him to be, and he encourages us to do the same. We cover a wide range of topics that will go a long way toward encouraging and equipping you to be your best in every arena of life. As you listen, remember, as a man, you must get out of the stands, get off the sidelines, and step into the arena…the ARENA OF MAN!

About Groove Life

Groove Life is an incredible company. I visited their headquarters to interview Peter and got to meet the entire team that works there. They have created a culture within the company that genuinely feels like family, and their strength and growth is a direct reflection of their desire to serve their customers with unrivaled excellence.

I personally own four Groove Life rings, and love them! The fit and comfort they provide far exceeds anything I ever had with my traditional metal wedding band. They are perfect for every outdoor activity I enjoy, but the biggest difference has been experienced in my fitness training. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing Crossfit for about a year. With the amount of barbell work, pull-ups, and overall use of my hands, these rings have made a huge difference. No more pinching, blisters, or the risk of getting my ring caught and doing serious damage to my hand. I can’t recommend the Groove Life products highly enough. They are awesome, and the perfect addition to your active lifestyle.

The “Zeus” ring by Groove Life is my favorite design.

The “Zeus” ring by Groove Life is my favorite design.

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