Arena of Man Podcast Episode 12: Love Your Wife with Curt Campbell and Lance Brown


As a man, the most important relationship you have on earth is with our wife. Yet it can be the most neglected. You remember what it was like when you were dating or newly married. There was that spark, the butterflies in your stomach, and just to be blunt, the passion. But over time, if you are not intentional, that flame can be extinguished and your marriage simply becomes a contractual agreement where you’re simply trying to survive another day. Men, this isn’t how it’s meant to be! In this episode we step into the arena of relationships and family and focus on marriage as, Curt Campbell and Lance Brown, founders of Love Your Wife (, share practical steps and truths that will help you strengthen your most important relationship.

Over the course of our conversation, Curt and Lance discuss why they were led to launch a community of men who are committed to re-capturing the fire that we all had on our wedding day - before the routine and pressure of life started dousing the flames of love and romance. They share the importance of understanding your wife’s “love language” when it comes to strengthening your marriage. They discuss the foundational motivation behind your efforts to love your wife…and just so you know, it isn’t sex!

Finally, they share how their “pep talks” and “game plan videos” are designed to give you practical, step-by-step advice that you can put into play today that will make your marriage stronger. I’ve included an example of one of their videos below. Be sure and subscribe to their content through their website, put their principles into practice, and I promise you’ll see results.

Men, this is an aspect of our lives that is far too often neglected, and if we are going to be our best in every arena of life, we have got to get this one right! It matters not how successful we are in our business or other achievements if our marriage is a mess.

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Get off the sidelines, get out of the stands, and STEP INTO THE ARENA!

An example of a Love Your Wife “Game Plan” video!

Show Notes:

6:00 - Lance and Curt Introductions
9:00 - The Backstory of Love Your Wife.
12:30 - Why Marriage Can Be Tough.
14:45 - The Mission of Love Your Wife.
17:00 - The Game Plan.
18:55 - The 5 Love Languages.
24:15 - What’s gone missing from most marriages?
25:30 - Why is a strong marriage important?
27:25 - What is the foundational motivation behind loving your wife?
31:55 - What to do when your efforts seem to be a “one way” street?
38:10 - An example of a “game plan” for loving your wife TODAY!
43:30 - How to connect with Love Your Wife.


Love Your Wife Website
Love Your Wife YouTube Channel
Love Your Wife Social Media: @lywofficial
Lance Brown Social Media: @brotherb_whouwith