Arena of Man Podcast Episode 13: What can I do? Developing a Strategy for Self-Improvement.


The mission of Arena of Man is to encourage and equip you to become your best in every arena of life, but when it comes to self-improvement, the question every man must answer is, "What can I do?" In this episode, I share my thoughts and strategy for self-improvement to help you step into the arena of becoming your very best. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you hear in this episode. Anything you would add? What strategy do you employ when it comes to becoming a better man? We’re in this together, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please share this episode with other men you think would be encouraged as you continue building your “band of brothers.” Below you will find links to the books and people I mentioned that have been inspirational to my own efforts.

Show Notes

Steps for developing your self-improvement strategy:

  1. Honestly assess where you are and where you aspire to be in any given arena.

  2. Rather than focus on the goal, consider the 1% improvement you can make today that will position you closer to fulfilling your goal.

  3. Answer the question, “What can I do?” and resist getting wrapped up in the “comparison game.” This is your journey, and any and all progress is up to you.

  4. Step into the arena and take action TODAY!

  5. Lay your head on the pillow each night with the satisfaction that you did everything you can do to get better this day!

Resources and Links

Cameron Hanes: @cameronrhanes
Jocko Willink: @jockowillink