Arena of Man Podcast Episode 7: Spiritual Leadership with Aaron Bryant


Episode 7 of the podcast steps into the arena of family and relationships for an interview with Aaron Bryant about man’s role as a spiritual leader. The idea of being a spiritual leader within your home may be very intimidating, or you may have no idea what it means to be this type of leader. This episode is designed to encourage and equip you for this incredibly important role that has been entrusted to you as a man.

Aaron Bryant serves as Campus and Teaching Pastor at The Church at Avenue South in Nashville, TN.

Aaron Bryant serves as Campus and Teaching Pastor at The Church at Avenue South in Nashville, TN.

Aaron Bryant serves as campus and teaching pastor at The Church at Avenue South in downtown Nashville, TN. Our candid conversation about this topic reveals not only what we aspire toward as spiritual leaders within our homes, but also shares where we struggle to be all we are meant to be as men.

I think you’ll be encouraged by what you hear. Below you’ll find show notes containing time markers for specific topics if you’re running short on time. You’ll also find our “ACTA NON VERBA” action steps to help you pursue becoming your best in this very important arena.

I’m so glad you’ve taken this step into the arena of becoming your best as a man.

Show Notes:

3:00 - Aaron’s Story/Background

5:20 - Aaron’s definition of what it means to be a man.

7:20 - how understanding our identity shapes our understanding of leadership.

9:00 - How the moment when a man walks in the door at the end of the day is so important to his leadership in the home.

15:10 - What do we mean by “spiritual leadership?”

16:00 - Leaders lead themselves first before seeking to lead others.

17:50 - The necessity of humility in leadership.

18:10 - Meekness is not weakness.

20:00 - The home is the epicenter of our greatest impact as men.

22:00 - What does “spiritual leadership” look like in Aaron’s home.

25:00 - A man’s greatest work.

26:10 - The practical steps to engaging in spiritual leadership.

33:15 - How a man can redeem his failures to teach and lead his family.

44:05 - How you can connect with Aaron.

ACTA NON VERBA: Action Steps

  1. Personally evaluate where you are when it comes to engaging in your role as the spiritual leader in your home.

  2. Remember, you cannot lead others until you lead yourself. What action are you currently taking to feed yourself from a spiritual standpoint.

  3. Start small. Set a goal to spend 5 minutes each morning reading a Psalm or Proverb from the Bible and pray.

  4. Consider a devotion using the “Bible App” (linked below). Then, share what you’ve read or learned with your wife and children.

  5. Look for ways to lead by serving your family. Help with the kids’ homework. Clean up after dinner. Vacuum or volunteer to fold the laundry.

  6. DO NOT CHECK OUT when you come home from work no matter how difficult your day has been. Drink a late afternoon cup of coffee or a red bull. Spend five minutes in the driveway before you walk in the house and pray. Ask for strength to engage with the most important people and the most important role in your life.


Connect with Aaron Bryant:

The Bible App: providing great resources like devotions and reading plans to help you lead spiritually.