Arena of Man Podcast Episode 8: Lessons Learned from the College World Series.

In addition to creating Arena of Man, my primary vocation is serving as chaplain of the Vanderbilt Baseball Team. I've spent the last two weeks in Omaha, Nebraska for the College World Series. During my time here, I've observed and learned some lessons from the team and players that translate perfectly to the lives of men. I share those lessons with you in this week's episode.

As always, I hope this episode encourages and equips you to be your best in every arena of life. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of this week’s episode.


Show Notes:

5:00 - Lesson 1: Men need a dream to pursue.
11:35 - Lesson 2: Men must understand how to control their emotions.
17:20 - Lesson 3: Men need a “team.”
20:40 - Lesson 4: Men need to intentionally make memories with their families.
24:35 - Lesson 5: Men must stay true to who they are no matter how big the stage.
27:53 - Lesson 6: Men must train and prepare.

ACTA NON VERBA: Action Steps

  1. Write your dream down or share it with someone you trust, then create a plan to begin pursuing that dream.

  2. Practice viewing your immediate circumstances from a bigger perspective in an effort to control your emotions.

  3. Continue to cultivate your “band of brothers.” Identify who those men are and arrange a dinner or breakfast to get together and consider how you can begin encouraging one another in your pursuit of stepping into the arena.

  4. Plan a special trip or activity this week that will create a lasting memory for your family.

  5. Consider some type of training and preparation to allow you to perform when the pressure is up. This could be physical training, or it could simply be the mental exercise of identifying action steps you will take in a given scenario.