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Arena of Man Podcast Episode 15: The Arena of Hunting and Conservation with Taylor Johnson

Step into the arena of sport and leisure for a conversation about hunting and conservation with avid outdoorsman, Taylor Johnson. Taylor shares his story of how he was introduced to hunting, early season tips, the value of experiencing the outdoors with those you love, and how to get started if you've never hunted before.

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Arena of Man Podcast Episode 11: Burn the Ships with Groove Life Founder, Peter Goodwin

Peter Goodwin is a bush pilot, a one-time Alaskan adventure and Kodiak bear hunting guide, and now is the founder and CEO of Groove Life. Groove Life is one of the fastest growing adventure companies in the world and is most famous for their silicone rings. In this episode, Peter shares the story of Groove Life and how we as men are hard-wired for adventure. He shares how his faith in Jesus compels him to “burn the ships” and press on toward all that God is calling him to be, and he encourages us to do the same.

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