My name is Andy Beal. I’m a follower of Jesus. I’m the husband of Tracey. I’m the father of two daughters. I’m a man who has been challenged to become the best man I can be in every arena of life, and I’ve created Arena of Man to invite you to join me. I grew tired of watching my life pass and feeling as if I was merely existing. The routine of life left me feeling as if I hadn’t accomplished much at the end of the day as I lay my head on the pillow.

My journey toward true manhood began by connecting with great men and mentors. I engaged with great online communities like orderofman.com and artofmanliness.com. I read and continue to read great books dedicated to manhood. Books like Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men by Stephen Mansfield, Wild at Heart by John Edlredge, Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose, and literally dozens of others. I started listening to podcasts like The Jocko Podcast, The Art of Manliness Podcast, The Order of Man Podcast, The Cleared Hot Podcast, and many more. As a man of faith, I went to the Bible to see what God has to say about being a man.

What I’ve discovered throughout this journey has been nothing short of revolutionary. I truly believe I am on the path toward becoming the best man I can be in every arena of life. It has been so powerful for me personally, that I want to help other men experience the same thing. I’m certainly no expert, but I know there is nothing more powerful that locking arms with your brothers to pursue a common goal. To this end, Arena of Man is not intended to replace or compete with any of the other great organizations out there committed to helping men. Instead, I simply want to contribute to the movement.

My hope and prayer is that the men who step into the arena with me will experience the same life transformation I have experienced, and as a result, not only will their personal lives change, but a ripple-effect will be created by this impact that affects their families, communities, workplaces, and ultimately our culture-at-large.

I’m excited to see where this goes. I’m grateful you’re here, and hope you’ll join me in our pursuit of becoming the best men we can be in every arena of life.

In the arena with you,