Arena of Man Podcast Episode 2: John Zeller Professional Baseball Chaplain

I loved having John lead chapel with the Vanderbilt Baseball Team.

I loved having John lead chapel with the Vanderbilt Baseball Team.

In this episode of the Arena of Man Podcast, I had a conversation with John Zeller, Executive Director of S.C.O.R.E. International, and has also served for almost 25 years as a professional baseball chaplain with the New York Yankees. Our conversation covered a variety of topics, from how we met and the impact he has had on my life as a man, to his all-time favorite Yankee. We discuss how important it is for men to step up and become the leaders they are meant to be. We also talk about John’s battle with cancer, and how it’s return has shaped his perspective and approach to life.

I really think you’re going to enjoy this conversation, and I hope it challenges you to take action and step into the arena of becoming the man you’re meant to be.

Show Notes:

1:00 - What is Arena of Man?
4:00 - Introduction: John Zeller.
6:30 - How John and I met in Spring Training 2001.
11:20 - What defines who we are?
12:25 - John’s all-time favorite Yankee.
15:15 - The importance of a “strong clubhouse.”
16:30 - John’s encounter with the “Crime Dog” Fred McGriff.
17:28 - What happened when George Steinbrenner came around?
19:00 - Yankee’s Spring Training is like a trip to Cooperstown.
20:00 - John’s recent message to Vanderbilt Baseball about men being leaders.
24:25 - Where can you discover your “platform” for leading as a man?
28:15 - How the Christian worldview and a relationship with Christ is foundational to being a leader.
31:54 - How can you find a mentor regardless of your age?
33:30 - What John sees as the greatest pursuit of his life.
38:30 - John’s battle with cancer and how it’s shaped his perspective.
43:15 - John’s work with S.C.O.R.E. International and how you can get involved.
49:20 - Wrapping up.
52:18 - How you can help the podcast grow!

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